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Peter McCrohan

Peter McCrohan

Peter McCrohan, Horticulturist

In 1985, McCrohan began cultivating White Squill bulbs gathered and selected from the region around the Mediterranean Sea by the late Dr. Howard Gentry, a former U.S.D.A. plant explorer and University of Arizona professor.

McCrohan continues developing Urginea maritima (White Squill), as well as several other experimental cut flower and herb crops.

A Rutgers University graduate, McCrohan has worked as a full-time farmer and horticulturist for four decades and managed the Gentry Experimental Farm in Murrieta, Calif., from 1985 to 2006.

His development of a market the White Squill cut flower for the floral trade has resulted in the rare flowers being highly prized by floral designers worldwide.

White Squill flowers have regularly appeared in high-style photo shoots and grand arrangements in places such as the entrance hall to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

McCrohan is also the former chairman of the City of Murrieta Planning Commission and a past member of the Murrieta/Temecula Resource Conservation District.

He has served the farm manager of Native Seed Search in Patagonia, Arizona, and now owns Shoppon’s Run Farm in Northern New Jersey where he is growing flowers for the commercial markets.